Cowboys in Paradise|FILM KONTROVERSI di BALI


Cowboys in Paradise players - Film Gigolo Bali is Suwarno (Arnold), Rosnan Efendik (educational), and Sugiarto (Argo), and several other names.

The beach itself Gigolo boy actor was paid only 50 thousand rupiah to play on tape without their knowledge, created as a documentary film by Singapore-based director, Amit Virmani.

Cowboy in Paradise Movie:

By Amit Virmani documentary tells the story about sex workers or men who are often called a gigolo who were scattered in Bali. There is also a story about a typical male-male sex workers called Koboii Kutaa it.

In the excerpts, the film shows the story of each man suspected of sex workers. Published also in a wife interview the sex workers who claimed it did not matter if there's room, her husband did not sleep for days together.

This controversial show itself was broadcast on the Korean DMZ International Documentary Festival

the official website Cowboys In Paradise, Amit mention if this work is an independent film with documentation that contains a composite of many stories about men in the sex trade in Bali.

Of all the romantic journey on earth, mentioned that Bali is one of the main purposes for women hunters sex.

"Every year, thousands of women from different countries come to Bali. And many of those who found the Kuta Cowboy, "

"Why do young men were asking for payment for sex? How did the women are willing to pay? How can the man of time management? "

Protests from residents and community leaders also many emerging Kuta. For them, the impressions about the gigolo in Bali is considered not convey actual facts on the ground although there are recognized phenomenon in Kuta gigolo.

In addition, the film is also regarded as deviant because it called Kuta tourist paradise for thousands of tourists female sex.

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