The news had just come from new entrants dangdut singer named Aida Zaskia. Dangdut singer are popular with the song 'Rooster' was admitted as an ex-boyfriend Da'i One Million People Zainuddin MZ. Aida even claimed to have spoken. What's the story?

Aida tells the story of her love with polopor Reform Star Party told reporters in Restaurants Hayam Wuruk, Tebet, South Jakarta, Thursday (10/07/2010).

Aida met with Zainuddin about 9 years ago. At that time she was a girl of 16 who sit in high school in Bogor.

"At that time I was invited as a single organ. When I sing, there emerged the figure Zainuddin MZ. After the singing, I was offered a meal, I happened to one table together Zainuddin MZ," said the woman who is now 25-year-old.

Chat also continues, Zainuddin was beginning to wonder about the activities of Aida. Until finally asked Aida phone number on the grounds one day be invited to sing.

"One week later I received a call from him, he said of Mr. Haj, Haji Zainuddin MZ. He was going relationship. Because I was not allowed to close with a man, my daddy told me when he wants relationship," said Aida.

Finally, a complete man named Zainuddin Muhammad Zein it came to the house of Aida with the entourage. It was Zainuddin came after preaching at a place.

Aida does not deny that he was impressed with the figure of a man named Zainuddin Muhammad Zein was complete.

"Since then, he comes every Monday and Thursday," said Aida who do not deny that he was impressed the 50-year-old man.

The story continues, several times in coming to Aida, Zainuddin finally ventured to propose. He invites married in Mecca.

"He told me how similar I do not want to get married in Mecca? Let not smell (caught) if here. Papa mama I'm not allowed because I'm still in school. I do not want to ruin people's households. Every she came I would hide, if papa mama I'm not there he ran into the house my grandfather the late, "the story of Aida.

After that, Aida's father had kept in touch with 4 children, but by circumstances and forced to hide from her parents. During close contact, Zainuddin did not hesitate to hold the hand of Aida during a walk. It's just that their relationship foundered 4 years ago.

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