FOTO CIUMAN Lia Trio Macan|Nano Andreano Philip

Lia Trio Macan dan Nano Andreano Philip|FOTO CIUMAN
CIUMAN Lia Trio Macan|Nano Andreano Philip

After an uproar with a photo strapless sag, Lia Tiger Trio stir the virtual world back to the photo with lover's lips kiss Andreano Nano Philip. Kiss Photo was taken in Halmahera. Hot photos are taken to a pre wedding photo of Lia Trio Macan and heart adulation. These couples are really stuck anywhere.

For some of the artist or soap opera actors trapped in a love story is very unusual location. The same but also experienced different Lia Trio Macan with partner Philip Andreano. They were reunited at the filming location HANTU PUNCAK DATANG BULAN but they felt it was not what made Lia and Nano - greeting MensHealth 2006 champions are brought together.

"But because of the kissing scene," explained Nathan. "It was me and him be a ghost. I ghost brother and he's a ghost woman. In the movie there is no scene syurnya. Only her kiss scene. And since then continued to grow," he added when at The Rock Cafe, recently.

On the other hand, Lee admitted that made him click with the 10 finalists of the Mister Singapore International 2006's, none other than his hair. "The long one and that one does not have hair, so we would like a matching pair," said Lia. "Like the positive and negative electricity," said Nano.

"To go ahead until now we try to live as good as possible. No hurry to think that way. Most Important we are serious now, trust each other and open. He was a good man," said Lia.

Lia was so good and Nano, noticed that one of the biggest obstacles is nothing but the time to interact with each other. Lia was busy with the show together shownya Tiger Trio. Nano is also no less dense.

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