Starting from Luna Maya resentment when finished watching "Sang Pemimpi" premiere Tuesday (15/12) and then, as workers swarmed to Luna's infotainment difficult to move the camera and even one's head against the infotainment reporters Alleia, daughter of Ariel Peterpan Luna was in a sling. This resentment poured out Luna Maya through Her Twitter account by writing “Infotemnt derajatnya lebh HINA dr pd PELACUR,PEMBUNUH!!!!may ur soul burn in hell!!”

Apparently Luna Maya writing was successful offensive of the workers that resulted in the entire infotainment infotainment show began blaspheming and Ariel's lover was cornered by impressions-of impressions on the screen and several online media. Not only up there, through R Priyo Wibowo as community representatives Infotainment reporter under the auspices of the PWI Jaya, accompanied by Chairman of PWI Jaya, Kamsal Hasan, reported to the Police Luna Jaya on Thursday, December 17, 2009 with allegations that the artist who also stars ad one of the famous soap brand has done a good libel or slander, insult and unpleasant actions. Luna Maya for that snared Article 27 paragraph (3) UU ITE, criminal threats six years imprisonment and / or a fine of 1 billion.

Surprisingly, when the heavily cornering infotainment Luna Maya with the news that is not balanced, the community is sticking out so strong support for the star, and this is reflected in a group on Facebook with the name of Luna Maya Supports Fight Infotainment arrogance. In a 2 x 24 hours are the members of this group has almost reached 20,000.

From the development of this group, through comments and discussions that occurred, and the development of case vs Infotainment Luna Maya in the television media and online media there are many facts that we should refer to:

  • Media, particularly television was not balanced in discussing this issue, even more infotainment side, they just exaggerate the attitudes and words of Luna Maya without discussing the background and the reasons that made Luna hooked, the behavior and arrogance infotainment reporters themselves.
  • When Prita cases and cases vs Omni-Chandra Seed vs. revolving police, including infotainment media also heavily reported on the development of community voices that do support through Facebook in particular virtual worlds, but in this case vs Luna Maya, Infotainment they seem to turn a blind eye.
  • PWI seems inconsistent and using double standards. When the Press Council calls for revision of UU ITE, especially when the rolling Prita cases, PWI just use the same article to ensnare Luna Maya.
  • The emergence of Facebook group boycott Luna Maya is composed of only 1000 people are more exposed by several online media infotainment while smelling Luna Maya Group Support Infotainment opponent's arrogance criminalize nearly 20,000 people are less exposed. Funny thing is, if we listen to the contents page Boycotts Luna Maya Group, the comments in fact dominated by people who do not support the infotainment and more supportive Luna Maya.
  • Not a few journalists and journalism workers who actually joined in the Group Support Fight Luna Maya Infotainment arrogance.
  • The quality and truth of the news Infotainment more dubious when they repeatedly reported that Luna Maya Twitternya account has been closed because of this case, as by a wish to show that Luna Maya felt guilty, but so far Twitter account is still online Luna Maya and Luna themselves was to update the status through the Microblogging site. It was a strange journalism and not based on facts!
  • When running community support for Luna, it was the artists who perform in infotainment tend to blame Luna. Is it true that artists are too afraid of infotainment? Scared gossip, fear of boycotts and name drown? If true, then just wrote these artists agreed that they became a big name just because of cheap gossip gossip-and not because of accomplishments. Unfortunately. But it did not rule out also artists who do not pass the pro-censorship Luna run by the Infotainment.
  • Workers Infotainment and PWI Luna Maya sued for 1 billion because Her Twitter status, while in Group Support Against Arrogance Luna Maya Infotainment many members who write the same status and even more sharply than Luna Maya, but why are not ignored or sued? Is Luna Maya as an artist on the rise seen as wetlands facebooker make money than that is not necessarily the existence of the material? Or maybe PWI and infotainment workers are reluctant to show the resistance from the community (facebookers) was thus chosen silence and pretend not to know.

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