Love relationships Mieke Amalia and Tora Sudiro happy ending. Both officially became husband and wife. Previously, both through the first winding roads.

Proximity Mieke-Tora had smelled the media since 2006. Both played in the show 'Extravaganza'. Expressed their closeness Mieke reported her husband since that time, Hendra Wijaya to the police. Reportedly, Hendra hit Mieke, because they feel jealous.

No pleasant news also blew. Tora said Mieke and had raided by their parents, when the fuse cinta.Namun news rebutted by Mieke-Tora and families on both sides.

Mieke divorce hammer and knock Hendra in August 2006. As if following Mieke, Tora was later divorced by his wife Alena in November 2008. Some people near the Tora and Beyonce had revealed that they had separate beds for a year before finally deciding to divorce.

News divorce Tora could make a big actor's tension with reporters. Tora began uncomfortable with the behavior of his house waiting reporters every day.

Mieke and Tora began going public in mid-2009. Both started daring each other's praises, and reciprocated each other messages on Twitter tender. Now that their love has been anchored to a wedding.

Tora Sudiro has officially marry Mieke Amalia. But unfortunately one of his best friend, Desta, claimed it was not invited.

"Wow, I do not get an invitation. I do not know if he's married," said Desta who was contacted on his cell phone on Saturday (19/12/2009).

Desta who was just getting out of bed claiming not know anything about her friend's wedding plans are. Around 10:00 am this, Tora post wedding photos with Mieke. After posting that appears, then the wedding news and Mieke Tora public knowledge.

Unfortunately Desta not want to say much about her friend's happy day. He was reluctant to comment because it had not received direct information from the Tora and Mieke.

"Later, when I heard the news," said Desta again.

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