Recording sightings Toyol figure in the video in a few days have been horrendous people in Bogor. Appearance figure tuyul beings who allegedly has now been spread through mobile phone in the middle of the community.

Tuyul video recording was made by one of his junior high teens in her neighborhood, which is in the area Sukamantri Village, Castle district, Bogor regency, about 6 months ago.

Until now the video is the appearance of the figure is still busy tuyul discussion among citizens. Other news mentions of a teenager who recorded the video directly terebut sick for 3 months.

According to residents who told the incident, as quoted by the People's Mind site mentioned, when the school children 3 people were playing guitar in front porch, one of his friends and colleagues recorded the second guitar playing on it while singing.

Suddenly, the tape appears to resemble a figure tuyul creatures. Not long ago one teenager who was in the recording fell ill.

According to the pain of a smart teenager who was in the recording, is due to the emergence of an existing tuyul in the recording made by a friend.

Marsha Timothy's comment about Tuyul video
Bogor tuyul video circulation and broadcast by several television stations also make follow-up artist shudder, and one of them is Marsha Timothy artist.

"Merinding". She said when met in between video clips filmed 'Dua Cincin' band property in the residential Hello Cinere Bukit Indah, South Jakarta, Thursday (3/12/2009) night.

Marsha admitted that he had heard about the news that tuyul video. But he chose not to see it.

"I do not want to see, not interested. I was so timid person better avoided," she added.

But as people believe, Marsha believe in spirits. He just wished people did not stir too much.

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