FOTO HOT|SYUR POPPY BUNGA MANDI "Film Pemburu Hantu the Movie"

FOTO POPPY BUNGA HOT SYUR in Film Pemburu Hantu The Movie

Latest News Poppy Bunga Photos Topless 2010 going to be a discussion called artist today's gossip related cases of sexually arousing pictures hot Behind The Scene Pemburu Hantu.
The strange, right Billy, Poppy's brother as confirmation, he admitted that his sister and family face relax. However, when met at the news conference, calling the film producer if the ex-girlfriend was crying hysterically Mandala day.
Nahh,, .. when confirmation on the same day ..

Pemburu Hantu The Movie:

Prime opportunity for the ex-girlfriend Dwi Andika to taste the role of ghosts in the film was finally achieved. This opportunity comes from the production house,namely Cita Baru Production, which offered a major role as Vika.

Dara was born in Jakarta, October 26, 1990 informed his feelings during a confirmation when Indonesia launched a horror film in 2010 his latest Ciwalk XXI, Bandung.

"At first I rejected the offer, but after the team met with the Ghost Hunters and the kyai, finally I received,"

"It's very challenging, because previously I had never received a horror movie, because basically I was timid at all. Do not want to see associated with ghosts, "

"When I got the first offer, I'm just curious, whether this is true PEMBURU HANTU or mock"
"I once had a reality show that followed. Well, when this film I really know if this is not a lie, "

Vika himself was a young teenager who had an inner sense ability to penetrate the other world and see a fine creature. Behind her ability was, Vika was very tortured.
Film "PEMBURU HANTU the movie" directed and produced by Alamsyah, from production houses Citaa Baruu Produksii, and was run simultaneously in all Indonesia XXI dated January 28, 2010 was himself removed from a successful reality show ever aired in Lativi (now TV One, red) on 2004-2006.

do not know the reason, a few days after the premiere that might quiet the crowd, suddenly there are elements "may be crew or anyone else who took part during filming of" sowing Photos Topless Jenny Cortez, who then connected with the circulation Photo Hot Poppy Bunga Bath .
When asked to confirm on Monday, February 22, 2010, by telephone received by Rian, sister Poppy. Rian admitted if his family relaxing bath facing the circulation of images.

"Poppy when seen, did not respond to anything, just normal,"

According to Rian, the image is taken from the movie 'Moviee thee Pemburu Hantu.' When the image is outstanding, Poppy bunga had contacted the film makers.

"I talked to the Ghost Hunters team the Movie, they admit there is missed."

"But from our normal".

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