Tamara Bleszynski widow of one child who is not less popular of the young artists of new arrivals. Lately artist blesteran pretty bloody white, middle dirundurung about personal life and his career. Not long after the release of news about the courage to perform half-naked in her new film titled "Waterfall Bride" films with thiriller Généré released in early December 2009, now Tamara the rumors surrounding the marriage diselumti with sirinya bloody handsome Canadian actor Mike Lewis. Various speculations due to the emergence of this gossip, it was said that this siri marriage rumors deliberately exhaled only to boost the popularity of the latest movie starring Tamara, but not the least of those who believe in the truth of this rumor.

Tamara Bleszynski and Mike Lewis said to have married on February 2, 2010, in Villa Bayu Sabha, Uluwatu, Bali. Unfortunately, Mike did not want to share this happy news. Handsome actor locked his mouth.

Tamara and Mike's wedding was mentioned only attended by family and close friends only. Tamara's background widow with a status, religious differences, and distance range of age (36 years old Tamara, Mike 28 years) did not prevent Mike to edit it.

Wrapped in a white gown slit lower chest with white plumes in her hair, Tamara receive a proposal which is also Mike's white coat with a white flower pinned to his breast pocket. Tamara looked smiled sheepishly with a happy blush. Meanwhile, Mike grinned happily sign.

Reportedly, Tamara and Mike did not spend a little to menghelat wedding in a private villa located on the hill's Peninsula. A villa rental price reached Rp20 million.

To check the truth of this happy news, Legal manager Mike Lewis confirmed, Arif, Saturday (6/2/2010). At the other end, Mark's voice sounded sumringah with smiling. Unfortunately, Mark could not confirm or deny the news-Mike Tamara's wedding.

"I have long had communication with Mike. Till tomorrow night to see Mike. I'll confirm it later to him," said Arif.

Arif dismissed accusations Mike deliberately covering up the happy news. "No, no cover-up. Come on, Mike will talk to you later. But, I do not know when," said Arif friendly.

Teuku Rafly ex-wife and Mike began a relationship since April 2009. If true marriage has occurred, Tamara and Mike only took 10 months of courtship.

Tamara and Mike's first time showing off their relationship while attending the Gala Premiere Waterfall movie starring Bride Tamara, Monday, November 30, 2009. Both come hand in hand. After seeing a few journalists, Tamara and Mike released the grip.

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