Gossip artist this time will discuss the artist's beautiful and sexy, Anita Hara. The artists seem to be extra careful in storing files and personal photos. In order for the case of the artist nude photos, hot photos circulating on the internet artist does not happen again. Like that ever happened to singers Widi Ballerina where personal photos with her boyfriend circulated widely, now the same thing happened to Anita Hara, beautiful artist who began his career as an advertising model and presenter, and penetrated into the world of acting.

In the photo looks Anita being kissed by a man when he was in the car. Anita looked really enjoyed the scene, even mengabadikannya.
Public knowledge that Anita had never published her boyfriend, and even some time ago rumors about Charlie's proximity to ST12. Is the man in the photograph is the boyfriend? This can not be ascertained because Anita itself can not be held confirmation.

Anita Hara is an advertising model and soap star Indonesia. He was a lot of acting with a protagonist role, so the girls graduated from the University of Atmajaya Psychology is not so controversial in the soap opera acting.

Born in Jakarta, March 29, 1980, Anita often is claimed to look sexy still want to continue to learn in terms of acting, including the shooting of a friend at the scene.

From acting, try out the presenter Anita. He is believed to bring KASAK KUSUK infotainment and F1 racing sporting events.

Not only in acting and the presenter which he attempted. World attraction was not lost on the sound of his dreams. In 2009, he plans to release her first album, BASIC GUY with the same major singles title of his album. Although not officially released, but the star-SUAMI SUAMI TAKUT ISTRI often appear off the water to be presenters and singing.

In mid-February 2010, the owner of the rose tattoo on the thigh released his first film, ARISAN BRONDONG.

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