Anang Hermansyah Syahrini and indeed the center became a byword in the midst of today's society. When they sang a duet titled Do not Select I have captured the heart of many Indonesian music lovers to listen to him, plus on several occasions seen between Syahrini with Sam so very affectionate, they even had time to kiss, make more lively and Anang Syahrini discussion.

Apart from the hurly burly of news about the songs and also the relationship and Anang Syahrini an increasingly intimate, but also later emerged that the photo does not lose much commented upon in various internet forums. As seen in the photo was Syahrini Anang side, but an unusual appearance seen, when a black skirt worn Syahrini exposed width, resulting in white pants worn Syahrini even participate in sight.

Here is a photo apparition panties Anang Syahrini when in hand, where the photo was obtained from a source of internet forums.

For the entertainer appearance always plays an important role. It is also a choice Syahrini. When these singers on stage are always looking sexy. But not exclusively Syahrini sexy, he's more concerned with where he will appear.

"Sexy is just an interpretation on stage alone. Fact, this opinion is not sexy, because I still wear jeans anyway," said Syahrini which met at the racetrack Trijaya, Jagakarsa, South Jakarta, Friday (1/8/8). Who's wearing a penchant Syahrini u can still see Syahrini confessed picky places.

At this moment a lot of action ban on the things that smelled of 'naughty', but this sort of thing does not make it overly anxious. "Fear exists, but I'm flexible aja. I always hear suggestions from the crowd, and always follow the rules. As the norms and customs that exist in Indonesia. As customary oriental still valid," says the singer.

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