Photo Hot Wear Underwear Mey Chan who will split time this was discussed a lot more crowded media gossip artist. May Chan And never stumble too exciting photo scandal when a kiss with Caucasians some time ago.

Maia personnel are dismissed if the photo on the bed it was him. Malang musician was even said in reply naughty girl picture that there is no resemblance.

Artist Duo Maia again be highlighted because the image of a sexy pose by using only her lingerie, bra and panties, and style on the bed, widely circulated on the internet.

Slim blonde straight posture similar to Dita Chan (real name mey chan) is emang dare pose for the camera.

Dita Anggraini (full name mei chan) who confirmed the news media after the latest celebrity Purple concert event on RCTI Studio, Jakarta, flatly refused to mention the news half-naked sexy girl is her.

When, the couple's daughter, and Emmy Tjipto Agustin Yuwono this matter clarified whispering about the deliberate spread of this picture as a medium for the popularity boost, sexy girl born in Malang, May 14, 1986 is denied it.


Mey Chan is a female musician who became a new partner for the previous Maia Estianty duo took the name Queen. Through the flag Maia & freinds as a new duo will be flying in the world of music keduannya Indonesia.

Mey Chan himself has not much known in Indonesia's music world, though the woman who claimed his music since the age of 14 years that has joined in several musical groups. However, fairly competent musical skills, viewed from the ability to play the piano, bass and drums. This will give new energy to the Maia and duonya group.

Yuwono Tjipto couple's daughter and Emmy Agustin who live in Malang was recorded once joined at the Comet 14, the band formed when he was entering adolescence. Band followed by Infinity, which is practiced after high school graduation. Infinity Through Mey Chan also known as a professional musician with his appearance in a number of cafes.

New dimensions of the next band becomes a musical ability, after leaving Infinity, bentukannya band with his friends. And last Mey Chan joined Punk Romance, which was around June 2007 she left behind.

In 2008, Mey joined Maia steadily, despite the affair he had subordinated his studies and at that time Maia was in the process of divorce with Ahmad Dhani. The proof is in the album Mey MAIA & FRIEND (2008) and followed by the album THE Champion (2009).

Not only performed with Maia, Mey also appeared solo. This eventually led to rumors he was going solo career. Mey did not dismiss, because in the end he will also solo when Maia decided behind the scenes.

Having had time to get into trouble that was kissing her picture with a bule, this time the image appears similar to that just wearing only underwear. But Mey dodged if the picture is her, but only someone who looked like him.

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