Behavior and behavior Dewi Persik always interesting to talk about. Goddess of this sensation again create a new surprise. If previous Dewi parties reportedly locked horns with the ruling power, now Dewi Persik attract public attention by using Jilbab.

Decision drastically Dewi Persik closed shame by wearing a veil would be a good start for Dewi to change the embedded image to her side. Looks like the holy month of Ramadan this time, Aldi Taher's wife has been getting guidance until he suffered a resolution in the look.

"Dewi Persik controversy, was suddenly put jilbabb like this. Question mark would cause greater. Well maybe this provision from God for me. Hopefully that will figure out is that Dewi Persik in jilbab use in films and soap operas. Hopefully real in my life Dewi Murya Agung. "Said Dewi Persik disebuah opportunity when found, the number Jakarta, Wednesday (01/09)

Dewi who look more beautiful and elegant wear jilbabb was not really intended to cover private parts with a hood. This is caused due to the demands of the role that requires wearing jilbabb Goddess. Thus find Dewi began to feel pleasure, even admitted Dewi started learning a lot about the science of religion.

"I take a positive course, what is the way God to open my heart to be a good Muslim. I want to learn to get used to wearing jilbab in everyday life. Maybe with me using jilbab can provide for inner peace and my soul. "Explained

Although jilbab imposed because of the demands of the role Dewii, but this change may be a good omen for introspection in order to Dewii mistakes and sins that do.

"Is this going to be like Dewi or not, but personally from my heart most of all I want the best from God let me not be a human being hypocritical, but remain in the way of Allah. "She added.

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