foto hot ciuman dewi persik

foto hot ciuman dewi persik

There are three photos circulating, one image is visible only normal, because such scenes are commonly made by the husband and wife even though they are in front of the public. However, two other photos that look very inappropriate, because (sorry) Dewi Persik stick out his tongue ,and Aldi Taher kiss tongue of Dewi Persik.

Dewi Persik is a celebrity of a loop full of sensation, and whether the images are also circulating a part of sensation Dewi Persik to remain in the public attention so famous?

In a statement to Insert (Trans TV) about doing tongue kiss in front of kids, Dewi Perssik said: "This is just a wife and husband kiss, no big deal. So...what's the problem?"

For you that not recognize DEWI PERSIK,This is her profile :
Dewi Persik has a real name Dewi Murya Agung, was born in Jember, East Java, Indonesia on December 18, 1985. She was a cantor dangdut through "goyang gergaji" or rocking saw, which is similar oscillation movement saw the forward-backward.

Persik own name given by her manager, who hope her career is shining like peach fruit, the fruit of Chinese origin are considered of luck. Besides the daughter pair H. Mochammad Aidil and Hj. Sri Muna also have a blood descendant of China's grandmother.

In addition to work as dangdut singer, Dewi also star sinetron "Mimpi Manis", the soundtrack is quite famous people. Dewi married dangdut singer Saiful Jamil on June 26, 2005, but their marriage age, only run less than two years. On January 14, 2008 North Jakarta Religious Court declares them officially divorced.

Road run-up in this pair is "vagaries" in which the claim is submitted Saiful divorce in August 2006, a decision some time to bear fruit cf. However, the decision was not held long, thus the conflict them "the width", although problems still remain the same, ie, the Goddes clothing that is too open.

Post her divorce with Saiful the Goddess of life as a vocalist with full attention. She was "the brave" to invite a number of the protests, and even some areas to ban star performers of the big screen movie "Tali Pocong Perawan".

However, comments about Dewi-ban are likely to "brave" is considered to disturb atmosphere. Dewi feels her freedom claim to be tamed-the-ban-ban is regarded as murder and the character and slander against her. Even at that time the Goddess challenges to prosecute those who claimed her to the legal table.

Up to then Minister of Youth and Sports, Adiyaksa Daud, hands down to calling over the phone directly. Not only that, this man with mustache gives advice related to appearance. Get the advice that, Dewi pleaded guilty and wrong, even though her stay will not change the erotic oscillation.

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