video klip Manohara

Manohara now truly has changed so real artist.After yesterday-busy yesterday in location syuting sinetron entitled to their own name, now to be Manohara ask to be a video clip model a new band.

As seen Sunday (21 / 0) model of the boom through violence cases prince of Kelantan to be busy this model clip "Misteri Cinta Dangduters property, in the way Joe, Regions Lenteng Court.

Before involved in this video clip, it is reported had occurred manager struggle between the clips.Manohara was offered originally by Nine Band, been a vocalist by ST 12, Charlie Van Houten.

But may be unsuitable because it's budget, Charlie frustrated the young age of the model.
Manohara is reported to receive this bid, because the producer give price banderole until above 300 millions, by the new album be succesfull. Really so?

"I do not speak a matter of face value of its contract.That I could be happy clip model, this group, "Manohara said.

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