foto mesra poppy bunga

poppy bunga hotPhotos of Poppy Bunga with Tanri Abeng son, Edwin Abeng, is circulated in the internet. Photo-image apparently taken Poppy time and widower who work as the middle of the holiday in Bali.'Foto mesra poppy bunga' was outspread in internet.

About the image, Susi was sad.Because Poppy is now gets different gossip. In fact the original, Poppy often be fed on anyone, including the Edwin.

"I just repeated that you do not like this. This is a learning process," said Susi.

In the photographs of the summer at this time in the busy discussing among seleberiti and infotainment, Poppy Bunga not shrink from posing hot and intimate with Edwin Abeng childless widower who is at once a child is also a former Minister of the state-owned as well as the famous Tanri Abeng.

Poppy bunga appear with the usual pose-pose in the dressing tempt Yank top and hot pants in the body of Edwin Abeng be naked chest, and even lie in the Edwin's body.

Poppy recognize their own events on hot photos and try to respond relaxed."No problem with my photos" Poppy said while explaining that the image was taken in February 2009 in Bali yesterday at the ceremony birthday her father (Usman) in Bali.

According to Poppy she already knew Edwin Abeng since 2006 but close to 2 new start later this month.Poppy and her family feel comfortable with Edwin because he is a good man, and Poppy coincidence are also the former wife of Edwin, as clearly Dwi Andhika former lovers who are still beloved Median.

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