Familiar with the name of Ariel Peterpan. Ariel was born with the name Nazril Irham at Pangkalan BRANDAN, 16 September 1981 with three brothers. Name Ariel melejit after success as a vocalist Peterpan music group, together with other personnel, Naliputra Wirahardja Andika (Andika), Kautsar Mohammad Hikmat (Uki), Ilsyah Ryan Reza (Reza), Loekman Judges, and Indra.
Menunggumu a song reputedly dibawakannya collaborate with Chrisye is still sitting at his work in the General Secondary School (SMU), before the friend, as the founder of Peterpan Andika, then invite him to join the band. That Ariel had been the student Parahyangan University of Bandung, together with the more successful success Peterpan albums.

Related private life, never marrying Ariel Sarah Amalia, who still has family relationship with DJ Wiryawan winky. Marriage at the time they invite controversy and media coverage. Amalia who get pregnant at that time the responsibility of Ariel for engaged women. No less effort winky Wiryawan participate in the media speak for 'urgent' the father of the Alleia anata.

Ariel had married Sarah Amelia, and has a daughter. His wedding fulfill with gossip and controversial news, because Ariel had to marry Sarah by her pregnant. As per people prediction his wedding can not stand forever, and 27 Feb 2008 he had divorced. There is an issue that Ariel had an affair with Luna Maya, this affair make his married had broken.

In other side of his music career, Ariel begins to enter in advertising. Maybe it is just one way to make a refreshing, and he start to make a new other world and he choose to be an advertising star model. At this time he is an icon model for Sunsilk shampoo.

Ariel get bored had been issued that he had marry Luna Maya, than finally he had discloser that he have a relationship with Luna Maya.

After has a solo career as an advertising star model, nowadays He became an icon of Yamaha Music. Ariel gets his contract for two years. But Ariel has to use Yamaha guitar along his performance.

Although Ariel is quit person and not easy gave information to media; but every thing has co-relation with him always became an interesting subject. He always makes his issue and gossips. Maybe it is a good strategy of his advertising

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