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According the news,Sinetron Manohara will run for 25 episodes and tells a story about life and marriage manohara Kelantan prince.Now,Video and Foto Manohara sinetron can found easy everywhere.

Manohara Odelia Pinot contracted 2.5 Billion criticism was so crowded news celebrities. The contract was obtained manohara before the official himself in the world of entertainment with the labels artist.

Sinemart offer akting contract worth 2.5 billion for 25 episodes in Manohara. And, although certainly not get a response from the Mano and Daisy (how effective the campaign, Riddles) but in Manohara Ad Sinetron RCTI can provide many exciting answers.

Daisy Fajarina justify the contract akting Sinetron Manohara although not yet experienced in the role of art.

Story of marriage, domestic violence to the vague Manohara Odelia Pinot family's control of Kelantan Sultanate, Malaysia, the withdrawal presenting drama sinetron shown in the display glass.

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Therefore the only reasonable, even though the new day arrived in Indonesia, Manohara direct bid in order to get a lot of her story made sinetron or film, and even he himself requested to be the stars.However, the family has not been responding to serious bid it.

In a press meet in Jakarta yesterday, Manohara also treat attitude Ambassador of the Republic of Indonesia in Malaysia, Da'i Bachtiar, who does not give attention to him. "It should be replaced Dubes RI di Malaysia," she said.
He does not claim to get any assistance, even for him seemed to have created the Embassy telling fairytales about himself. "He said Manohara fun in Kuala Lumpur, but not so," augment him.

Manohara also told when he had a call to the Embassy but did not."I say this emergency phone, emergency.But officials there say `can not` because they were off, "said Manohara

Besides because the real story of manohara's life,manohara became an artist also because she has beautiful face and a healthy good body.According the news,manohara always do sports and fitness in the fitness center.Manohara also consume nutritious food,such fruits and vegetables.Beside that,she often does health consultation in the hospital.

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