Manohara Odelia Pinot show through the injury as a result of a number of photos, stored on the phone to the journalist in Hotman Paris office in the building Summitmas 1, floor 18, Sudirman, Jakarta, Monday (8 / 6) night. 'Foto luka sayatan manohara' was outspread in internet.

"This is a new wound that Mano feel lighter because the rest is open to all and Mano are not comfortable with that," said maohara, on the injured-shaped slice of sharp zig-zag around the chest.

Mano respond to speech, the power law Hotman Paris menandaskan away, "is very chilling. That is just the most light. I just spent almost see the tears so the wound," he said.

Meanwhile, the forensic expert doctor Cipto Mangunkusumo Hospital (RSCM), Jakarta, Abdul Mun'im Idries explain her visum results showed that Manohara has two degree-level violence, a violence that is left with serious injuries secondary level.

From the results of the report, the Mun'im Idries find some injury cutlet with zig-zag shape in the area around the breast, thigh, and a point on the back injury due to puncture syringe. "All the injured, including two degrees, one degree if the penganiayaan light. Tadi (Monday afternoon) I have been taking blood and urine sample," he added.

Based on the report, the information Mun'im, already can be used as evidence for mempidanakan Fakhry. "The Mano because this has been done (Fakhry) a few months ago, this includes the middle and perpetrators can be arrested," the old man emphatically that

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