Foto surat Daisy Fajarina BURONAN

Daisy Fajarina, Manohara Odelia Pinot's mother never be a fugitive French government (buronan Perancis)related to the alleged mistreatment parlormaid household.'Foto surat Daisy Fajarina'was outspread in internet and surprised the Indonesian People.However, at that time, Daisy even challenging to show evidence. Wednesday (17 / 6), a blog that claimed to belong to one of the people of Kelantan, '', showing evidence that indicates that this Manohara's mother guilty convicted and sentenced 18 months.
According decree which has been translated in this language, referred to the provision of power to all officials and to all the state officers to search for Daisy, and bring them to home detention area according to French laws that valid.While, there has been no official statement by Daisy issued in connection with the emergence of the evidence is circulating on the Internet.

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