MANOHARA mengaku diberi pil

Case enmity Manohara Odelia Pinot (17) with her husband, Fakhry Petra Tengku Muhamad, heat up again. In an interview in one of the national television station, newspaper Fakhry impugn his wife have been traumatic.

According to Fakhry, Manohara just so happy. This can be evidenced from the results recorded at Manohara a vacation in Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara (NTB). In those impressions, Manohara appear happy on holiday with son Raja Kelantan, Malaysia is. Even in a moment, is being seen Mano jump to the sea.

Manohara confess always be given the Pill when want to make a sexual relationship.

This is done when Fakhry invites Manohara holiday to Lombok island on April 2008 ago. "Every invited related, is always given manohara pill," said the lawyer of Manohara, Hotman Paris at a press meet in his office, Summitmas Building, Jakarta, Wednesday (24/6/2009).

Manohara confess that in fact afraid of the height and swimming, but after drinking the pills manohara feel fly.Manohara also confess that while on the island, he is jump and swim by Fakhry.Dan Strangely, after drinking the pill, mano no longer afraid of the altitude and water.

But she was astonished that, after the pill was given Fakhry, the same as when trying intimate touch, feel Mano confess fly. "While on the island, jump and Mano are swimming," he said.

While on the island, the kingdom of Kelantan also install hidden camera to himself can not act different. "Wherever Manohara are, on the island, in the kingdom or in public places, should be visible Mano ostensibly happy" he said.

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