MANOHARA pakai pengacara Malaysia

Manohara Odelia Pinot family agree appointed lawyer origin Malaysia.This step is taken to indicate if they were serious process Tengku Fakhry, Manohara husband via the law.

"Today is the official solicitor agree appointed the lawyer from Malaysia," said Hotman Paris Hutapea, In Grand Hyatt Hotel,MH Thamrin street, Central Jakarta.

According to Hotman, the appointment of counsel for the origin Malaysia beckon if the Manohara seriously with the son of the king Kelantan to authorities in the country's neighbor.

"This shows we take serious legal action," said that lawyer..

Allegations of mistreatment made by Fakhry, says Hotman, will sued in criminal, civil and divorce claim. Many of the results as proof of visa and images of violence will be taken as evidence.

Meanwhile, Mohamed Zaini Mazlan, the lawyer of Manohara from Malaysia give the information, accompanying himself brave Manohara because of the truth.

The legal process in Malaysia, Mazlan said, very independent. Although there are special courts for the kings and sultans, but no one is immune law. Who is guilty should be responsible.

"Anyone who does not have immune law," he said.

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