Miyabi success in the world 'slime' could not be separated from the women's desires to be successful.Although some opportunities in the interview he confessed to the scene difficult-porn scene with the man who is not in kenalnya.

As well as, artists and movie stars porno other Japan, Maria Ozawa is managed by a specialist production house film or porn is normal in an AV. The last few years, this Miyabi in a production specialist sexual violence such as rape and sexual harassment.

Body beautiful Maria Ozawa inherited from the mother blend elegance of the original Japanese with his father who came from France and the descendants of Canada.

Maria Ozawa savor International School education in the world to create a knowledgeable and English language skills to be better.

The most favourite hobby is Hockey, every day he played Hockey in his school.Maria Ozawa is also happy to cook, and play games Playstasion in the rooms.

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