Now,foto cathy sharon and Ridho Irama was outspred in Internet.Ridho Irama grateful to be admired by two famous female artists berparas and elegant, Sharon and Cathy Luna Maya. But, in the middle of a gossip Cathy hearts to him, Ridho stressed that the most important in his life at this time not to get my girlfriend.

Approximately a month later that the gossip circulating vocalist Cathy like this sonnet Band 2. Gossip is very probably comes as a time Cathy had admired reveal to the son of King of Dangdut,Rhoma Irama,and Marwah Ali. "When I have a rave, it's so grateful. As an entertainer, when people consoled, I indicate my success," he said this has not been long in the journalist. "I'm very happy because the expression is derived from the artists on board, such as Luna Maya and Cathy Sharon," he said again.
Ridho, a new age of 20 years, also confessed that at this time he was not thinking to get a girlfriend, including the expression of admiration for the smooth Cathy approach. "What is certain, at this point, I still want to concentrate and remove the idea of the play to me. He used to work," he said.

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