The development of cases Domestic Violence (domestic violence) experienced Manohara Odelia Pinot increasingly difficult.Latest news, mentioning that there are appropriate laws, Manohara should be deported to Malaysia.'Kasus Manohara deportasi' surprised The Indonesian people.

But deportation is denied a claim unripe one power law Manohara, Hotman Paris Hutapea. "There is some loser who says that a WNI marry with foreigners, the nationality status will be lost. That's moronic statement. While millions of women who are already marrying with WNA, "Hotman demolished in Mabes Police, yesterday afternoon.

When asked who he statement purposes, Hotman reluctant to answer them. "I do not want a joker. But there is a statement and that statement is moronic, "more specifically.

"When she (Manohara) deported, then the mothers will also be deported. She is not different with the mother, she is part of Mother Earth.And the mother of the person who will be deported accuse first, "said the lawyer.

Previously, the Executive Director GACD Andar Situmorang, who was in Kuala Lumpur, said that the deportation should be carried out according to the Law No.12 year 2003 on Citizenship.

Appropriate provisions of Article 23 and 26 about the loss of citizenship, according to Situmorang, Manohara not WNI become official after his wife Petra Tengku Muhammad Fakhri with earl Yam Cik Puan Temenggong Kelantan.

In addition, they also ask to perform checks against Manohara's mother, was davina with suspected exploit children under the age.

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