Foto Mitha Dara The Virgin

foto mitha dara THE VIRGIN
foto dara THE VIRGIN

In various internet forum,'foto mitha dara The Virgin' was outspread.Mitha Dara's foto consist of individual pose and together pose.This is biodata and profile Mitha Dara The Virgin.Dara The Virgin was born in Tasikmalaya August 9 ,1991. previously known as Dara Mamamia. now, better known as The Virgin and Dara are increased leaf with The Virgin Band under the auspices of Republik Cinta Management by Ahmad Dhani.Mitha that many initially join the few Indie bands, starting in the known world music drawn by Indonesia since Ahmad Dhani The Rock formation in Indonesia.
Mitha and Dara the virgin have the same hobby are swimming, singing, and running the morning.Mitha Dara also loves the movies and reading novels in India.Dara has the sexy and beautiful body.that's because Dara often do sports.she always keeps healthy.she eats fruits,such as orange(vitamine C),and vegetables that contain high nutritions, protein,and various vitamins.according the news,dara also often healthy check up in specialist doctor in a medical hospital.Dara & Mitha the virgin was hold concert in Singapore.So,both of them always looks healthy and fit.

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