foto hot ciuman MANDALA and VANESSA ANGEL

Hot Photo Vanessa Angel Mandala and knowledgeable outstanding celebrities in the news. 'Foto ciuman Mandala and Vanessa Angel' was outspread in internet forum.after the previous photo circulating,poppy bunga and edwin abeng, this time turn mandala and girlfriend's Andhika spread. In both images appear to fuse each other at the mouth of both cheeks, it is alleged that strengthen the photos are starting to prove the relationship both of them involved.
In the photo is visible Mandala Shoji Vanessa Angel and kissed each other on both cheeks, from this photo reinforce allegations that mandala - vanessa has a special relationship, the closeness of the two disputed the love affair, and only just a friend.

Meanwhile, Mandala had confessed her love Vanessa rated it would be developed. "He would like to receive if taught a positive thing," Mandala said. In fact, Mandala also been made with the way new artists.

However, both Vanessa and Mandala oppugn said a special relationship. "Mandala only friend," said Vanessa. Mandala also rejected if it is considered a destructive relationship and Vanessa Dwi Andhika.Padahal Mandala had been admitted also send short messages to the phone seluler by Vanessa Vanessa health condition of the sick.

Bad news of Dwi Andhika and Vanessa Angel outstanding. Gossip circulating, Vanessa has affair with reality show presenter, Mandala Shoji. And the extent to confess this Andhika not clear the problem. Vanessa is so difficult to be contacted.

As a boyfriend, of course Andhika Vanessa believed more than a newspaper circulating. Because basically he believes to Vanessa, he remains the focus happens to Vanessa, and Andhika was not directly men-judge or Vanessa force to open the story was.

According Andhika, vanessa and he did not have a problem. Only the latter,communication is rarely done because Andhika has a personal problem.

Communication is important in constructing a relationship. Though the relationship remains smooth, of course necessary communication smoothly also. That should be done by a pair Dwi Andhika and Vanessa Angel. Because of communication that has been rare, they say the relationship is rather distant. according to the news, vanessa has affair with Mandala Shoji and Andhika can not confirm that to the girlfriend.

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