Hot news of Dewi Persik,"Kemben Melorot Tragedy".Dewi Persik calls clothes incident to decline as commonplace. She became very keen on all sorts of dances, and soon became known as "The Queen Of Kemben Melorot".

We still remember the incident 'Kemben Melorot' experienced by Dewi Tiffana in one event to enliven what atmosphere, which is held by TransTV and broadcast live on it.

Apparently, such events also have been experienced by the Music Dangdut singer from Jember, East Java, Dewi Persik.At that time, Dewi was to fill out a session that also directly broadcast by SCTV. And when the show, he also put kemben.

Appear when singing, Dewi accompanied by dancers who wear costumes background similar. Perhaps because oscillation Dewi is too attractive, causing her kemben undone to her breast is visible.

Unlike the original artist beautiful city Gudeg, Yogyakarta, Taffana, the incident because of inadvertence Pierrot Tessy, who experienced a similar incident Dewi caused by her own oscillation.

Dewi swing high while the second and shake hands with the hard shoulder. Of course that does not have any kemben storm in the shoulder, the withdrawal is something modern then become saggy. And there were 'natural' it.

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