According the news,Pasha and Alyssa have a special relationship.But at the same time,both of them confute that news.They tell that their relationship are just friend,job relationship.

"Alyssa and me have no special relationship. We just frtiend, for the sake of a video clip, "Pasha said at that time.
Alyssa also confute herself together with the three childless widower. "Pasha and me are free. For only the clip, "Alyssa strictly steady.

Actually,Pasha and alyssa are a harmonious pair.both of them have a handsome and beautiful face.They are also have a good body.That's because they are always do a routine sport.Pasha often does fitness in fitness center.He also often play football to maintain the healthy.While Alyssa always jogging in the morning.She also always eat nutritious food and supplement food to keep her healthy.And the most important, both of them do a routine healthy check in the hospital.

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