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Cinta Laura, apparently, is back on the dating saddle again as she reportedly has been caught kissing a western young boy, who is widely believed to be her new boyfriend. Cinta Laura and the new boy's pictures has been circulated widely over the Internet this week.

After so long hidden, the Cinta Laura frankly a matter of relationship with David Richard. He was already half a year that a relationship of love with a man who is also classmate at the Jakarta International School, Indonesia Travel.

Artist Cinta Laura with her confidence. she said, there is many mans telling her look like Hollywood artist Angelina Jolie (actually i don't think so). But, she never bothered people word.

"Initially I do not have any feelings. Nothing special. In our class kayaking friend ordinary. Kenal After eight weeks we start a new deket, precisely in December, holiday pas. We chat, facebook, new deket us," I. He confessed to the match as David have some similarities, among them equally concerned with education.

"He was the same as me, very concerned with education. So he made education is still important and a priority. So if we are busy for the affairs of our schools will not be met. And we understand each other," says the artist who has this album OH BABY.


Cinta Laura is a girl of model and sinetron star's Indonesia. The birth of Quakenbruck, Germany, August 17, 1993. Celebrity who has a complete name Cinta Laura Kiehl this, started her career in entertainment world as a finalist Indonesian Top Model 2006.

One of the jury selection event is Sanjay Maulani, a casting director of MD Entertainment. Cinta is directly gets a job bid become a star's sinetron. Daughter pair from Michael Kiehl and Herdiana, SH ultimately accept this bid to be player star in the sinetron Cinderella by MD Entertainment Production.

Uniquely, the first four months, Cinta rather shooting but get the Indonesian language course, plus akting exercise. What's known, she is large in many countries where the task her father as General Manager of Grand Hyatt Hotel. Sinetron Cinderella that introduce her to people of Indonesia. Until finally, she gets the award "SCTV Awards Ngetop Actress category" in 2007. In that event she beat the competitors, among other Marshanda, Shireen Sungkar, and Nia Ramadhani. Cinta has a height 170 cm and weight 44 kg is also busy with activities to teach English to children less well.

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