Aura Kasih Hot Photos was outspread in internet.Cover the last section east will have aimed Kasih can be because clothing as that and only that. Yes, the Tee-shirts of top of tank as just already in the form of body of the body of guitar is similar in Spain. But not without reason above of tank of use will often have. To feel comfortable when it is put in the reasons.
Since more the comfortable one, but not in the average open-opener to show something on people. Run in particular combined simple pair of Jean, I 'm, it indicated in the studio Palem, Kemang moving comfortable.

'Mari Bercinta' singer that is sexiest must not be seen from appearance. manner speaks and posed to also can be assumed sexy.
" That section can be seen from character. but really a large part man really sexy from physical, " said Aura Kasih met at Pewayangan building, beautiful Indonesia miniature, Jakarta east.
But although such Aura Kasih not dispute if the first clip video really wear minimum clothes with exotic dance
Recognized that he really wanted to show the expression in the song but there are some the false rate. Is not thus physical but more on the form or the way which I express with the songs that I bring, indicated that the bride had the ditawari "Caleg" but was rejected
The people of hope of will have evaluate work of the dibuatnya, not only on the subjective evaluation of such a section. I want that the people know to me as is. Even if singing of I 'of m not qualified yet with the finales Putri Indonesia, old a supplement

Aura Kasih Profile

Full Name : Sanny Aura Syahrani
Her Father's name : Jajad Sugiyatna
Her mother's name : Laela
School : Angkasa Tasikmalaya Senior High School
Height : 171 cm
Weight : 50 Kg
Eat, Sleep, Sing, Swimming, Play Badminton, Clothes Design
Favourite Music :
Music reggae (Baby Charm, Bounty Killer, Lady Saw), 311, Social Distortion, Sublime, The Clash, Madonna, Ras Muhammad, Johnny Cash dan Frank Sinatra.
  • Miss indonesia 2007
  • Singer
Song Album
  • Malaikat Penggoda (2008)

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