Luna Maya is one of the most popular artists in Indonesia.Luna Maya foto,profil,and picture can be found everywhere.
Luna Maya started his career as a catwalk model, and develop themselves in the role of art, both movies and patron. Achievement as a prominent model is its star as Luna LUX 2006.

Title debut film "30 Hari Mencari Cinta"(2004), Luna role antagonis as Barbara, a beautiful idol and sexy girl. Although a small role in the film, Luna is considered a success.

Students University International Relations Department Paramadina also star sinetron some of them, "Dan, Kau dan Aku, Ada Cinta, Rahasiaku and Anggun." Latest film Luna with titled "In The Name Of Love" landing director Rudy Soedjarwo.

Luna is the icon into a product which is sponsoring the Beijing Olympics, an opportunity to bring the fire around the 2008 Olympics Istora Senayan. This activity as part seremonial trip to the Olympic flame to Beijing.

In addition to active in the world of entertainment, Luna also have business in the field of fashion, with a boutique called LM Hardware in Bandung and Jakarta.

Luna's star also shining in 2008, because Luna become an ambassador electronic product, Toshiba and also the icons a site.

On November 27, Luna opened business barber shop "New Hair Glory" at Kemang 1 No.28 Unit 3 Jakarta. One of the stock herself if is not time exist in the world of entertainment.

Early December 2008, Luna returned for relationship with former boyfriend, Ariel Peterpan, the widower status after the divorce from Sarah Amalia on May 27, 2008.

Luna that ever of list on one of porn site that steady step in the entertainment world. Her name is so shining after become as a presenter on the music events "Dahsyat" in RCTI that appear everyday with the artist Raffi Ahmad and Olga Syahputra.

Not only the world akting and presenter but Luna also pull votes world. Together with artist Sandra Dewi and Dewi Sandra, she participated in converting soundtrack to Euro 2008.

Luna has had time to be married with Ariel in Bali in April 2009. Are torn, she was increasingly stifling, because in fact she has not married at all.

Full Name : Luna Maya
Place/Date Of Birth : Denpasar,Bali/26 agustus 1983
Last Education : Paramadina University
Zodiak : Virgo
Height : 173 cm


* 30 Hari Mencari Cinta (2004)
* Bangsal 13 (2004)
* Brownies (2005)
* Cinta Silver (2005)
* Jakarta Undercover (2006)
* Pesan Dari Surga (2006)
* Ruang (2006)
* Coklat Stroberi (2007)
* Love (2008)
* In The Name Of Love (2008)
* Cinlok (2008)


* Lux
* Zestea
* Sarimie
* Vitalong C
* Bu Krim Detergen
* XL

Some time then a magazines holds article that according to them do practice sells self. Luna Maya and Rebecca , also Julia Perez enter in blacklist.

Face that sloping news, Luna Maya enough relax. he is even admit not want to demand to change to lost, even not angry.

"I am not angry, only i'm been has many problems, " say Luna Maya.

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