Sherina Munaf often accept negative gossip.Previously,she is considered as smoker girl and now Sherina Munaf is suspected raped by Derby Romero,Indonesian artist singer.Hot Photos Sherina Munaf was outspread in Internet.
Sherina Munaf raped by Derby Romero? The defamation has emerged on Internet and covered by infotainment. Sherina release an interesting blog entry in her blog in response to rumors about ravishment:

To the creative rumor starter; you have freakin piss the head out of me however may God forgive you for causing all this commotion. You could've put your creative mind for other uses. To the media, thanks for giving me the chance to clarify everything. No thanks, for chasing my Mom down to PIM. No thanks for disturbing my family. My career has nothing to do with them and the risks are not theirs to handle. It is mine to handle. And, oh, don't be such drama queens for elongating matters that have NEVER HAPPENED to begin with. So not cool. If you speculate that I'm the mastermind behind all this for the sake of sensation for my next album, you are terribly wrong. Why would I risk my name for sensation. It's a matter of rape and dignity. The past months I've tried my best to avoid any gossips (even 'dating gossips' to start simple) because I want my album launch to be the focus. I wouldn't appreciate the moment when others give out questions surrounding rumors during the session. So it's really unfortunate that this ridiculously false rumor appear around this time.

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