Legendary dangdut singer,Meggy Z died in Hospital Margonda, Depok at 23:30 Wib on Wednesday (21/10).

The last moment, Meggy Z accompanied his wife and children and families according to the narrative, he had been ill for a long time due to heart disease.

Currently Meggy Z bodies have been interred at the residence of his old wife in Cipayung.

Chanter song "Sakit Gigi" This is not only good at singing dangdut, his acting ability can not be underestimated as well. A number of soap operas and films could also stars Meggy.Z.

He began acting early, when he starred in soap operas Bulan Berkaca (TPI). The success of his acting in this soap opera to make a direct protagonist in the soap opera Pocong So, the station aired Indosiar.

Various roles and then began starring Meggy Z, but he remained active in the world who raise dangdut name.

In music dangdut, Meggy.Z name was already well known and earned numerous awards such as gift Dangdut (AD) TPI first held in 1997, Meggy Z was named the Best Dangdut Singer Records, coupled with Iis Dahlia, and then in the same arena , he was named the Best Male Singer.

When flying dangdut music ruled the country music scene, nearly all the songs sung Meggy Z received public attention, such as Red Wine, Blue Yarn and Infertility, who sung a duet with Kristina.

And until the end of his life, Meggy Z is a senior pedangdut very concerned with the development of dangdut music. He is also one of the pedangdut strongly opposed the presence of dangdut singers who rely solely on the vulgar dance.

Profil Meggy Z.
Meggy Z began be dangdut singer in 1968, but until the 1980s his name was not known. Since 1981 he honed skill to create songs. Name Meggy Z soared, after singing the song of creation Obbie Meshach Lebih Baik Sakit Gigi.

Meggy Z (died in Depok, October 21, 2009) is a dangdut singer and actor. He was known to the public as a dangdut singer, but it is also known as an actor in soap operas and feature films.

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