Latest news about Hot Photo Finalist ayu Wandira Puteri Indonesia 2008 representatives of Central Sulawesi again much discussed by the Indonesian public. lately it seems Putri Indonesia contest was again full of controversy cases.

The case has not been finished off the jilbab Qory Sandioriva, this time the case actually comes hot photo ayu wandira 2008 daughter of Central Sulawesi circulating in the media crowded cyberspace.

Ayu is representative of Central Sulawesi in Grand Final Selection Event to Puteri Indonesia 2008 with the theme emit Work For Your Beauty Through Public and Conservation in Penary Persada Nusantara Hall, Jakarta Convention Center, Friday (15 / 8) together Puteri Indonesia 38 finalists from different regions of the country .

Dedy Pratama and ayu Wandira finally appears as the first winner of Bujang Dayang K 2008 on the final night Bujang K Dayang held at the National Building Tanjungpandan, Friday (27 / 6) evening.
Both are representatives of the District Tanjungpandan. Dedy and next Ayu will be tourism ambassadors Belitung regency. As tourism ambassadors, they have duties to promote the tourist attraction in this district.

"It felt good. No idea. Then I will promote culture and tourism in Belitung District, "said Dedy after receiving a trophy Pacific Islands submitted Regent Ir H Darmansyah Husein.

In line with Dedy, Ayu, which will also have the task of promoting Belitung District's plans to develop the campaign through mass media and the internet.

"Next will attempt to promote Belitung regency. Promotion could be through the mass media, can also via the Internet. I even had a feeling not going to be a champion, "said Ayu.
As the winner, Dedy and Ayu got the gift of trophies, plaques, money guidance and parcel. So too with the ladies champion as deputy flunky I, vice Second, I hope, hope II, and photogenic.

The finalists had looked tense when Fardian and Sonia, Bujang Dayang K 2007, walking with a cane around one by one participant. Some spectators had shouted their favorite candidate. Finally, Sonia gave a stick to Dedy, while Fardian submit to Ayu.
Bujang final night Dayang K 2008 followed 20 participants. In front of an audience of hundreds of pairs of eyes, including the official, the ability of the finalists are tested one by one. In addition to introducing myself, finalists are also asked to promote tourism Billiton, both natural tourism, cultural and culinary.

Then the finalists were asked about general knowledge, unique culinary tourism to Pacific Islands such as trade. There are participants who answered questions smoothly, there is also a halting. There are answers to Indonesian, some are in English.
Finalist appearances on stage obtaining evaluation of three judges namely Sungkowo Madi (communication), Wiwih Widaningsih SSn (tatarias and clothing), and Subandi (acquisition stage).

Regent Belitung Ir H Darmansyah Hussein said he believed the best finalists are not only good in appearance, but also master the art of culture K, and have English language skills are good.
"I do not want from year to year just rename it (the name of her ladies-doodle-doo - red)," said the regent.
Head of Culture and Tourism Belitung District said Dra Ida Hotmaria, winners will be sent to attend a similar event at the level of Bangka Belitung Islands Province.

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