Facebook Fraud Case Cinta Laura Kiehl is still busy circulating in celebrity world. Lots of sites claiming to be Cinta Laura Original Artist, there's just too much to write several parties fb status with blasphemy and much worse things cintaa cornering.

Cinta himself just wait with clarifications in the media and the police report yet.

Blog Twitter Facebook Fake Cinta Laura:

Cinta Laura and family throe. From the original blog mentioned that Cinta Laura CLK-lovers should be careful because a lot of sites and fake accounts on behalf of Cinta Laura Kiehl widely circulated.

Hi LoVERZ ...
Please alert, there are:
498 fb false, 7 twitter and blog 1 FALSE 8O
by Cinta Laura Kiehl's name on the internet.
Many words in it that are not polite and not true
that makes people so prejudiced or
may not like it at Cinta.
important lovers know, maybe not so Cinta.

Despite claims interfere with blasphemy and contempt of many sites, blogs, twitter and friendship site on the internet, but the artist's birth Quackenburg, Germany, August 17, 1993 is to remain calm and not too serious response. Cinta Laura said, not yet reported to the police about this Cybercrime cases.

"We're just talking through the media just before, that news in the 'FB' is just a lie it. Business with the police later used, if later there is no progress and continue to corner me, I will report. "

Case Cinta Laura Kiehl:

The case with close friends Rossa, Irwansyah, and Michael is indeed related to defamation through facebook on behalf Cinta Laura with penyerempetan religious issues. In some fb reply in writing of false love never Cinta religious orders during the month of ramadan fasting yesterday.

"I never knew what it meant to corner the people through all the issues I think itu.Itu slander, I was not going to intervene. Since the number of sms to discredit me on the internet, I finally got to talk. If I leave the course will further damage my good name. "

"Somehow I must have felt, it was so stabbed perasaan.Seperti we know many people are affected by such statements. This may be part of the consequences in the world I entertain. This is my action by the media, if the matter to the police later had not been too complicated. "

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