Sheila Marcia Dihamili Delano Ezar

A news side over the life of a young artist Sheila Marcia. The former drug convict was said to have body contains two aliases.

According to a source, she is now 2 months pregnant. Further, the source would not say if his identity is a former lover Roger Danuarta has been several times to check its contents on an obstetrician at a famous hospital of southern Jakarta.

Interestingly she is not married to Jupiter Fortisimo, the man who had always accompanied him while in jail. Sheila will marry basketball athletes from Bali Ezar Delano, who familiarly called Lano. Even the news that, Sheila and has conducted pre Lano
wedding on the beach.

It is said that the reported presence of Sheila is currently on vacation in Bali island of the gods, allegedly due to escape from the pursuit of media rumors began to kiss her body had two.

Maria Cecilia's son Joseph has a new girlfriend named Delano Ezar. Oriental-faced young man who was familiarly called Lano is actually an old friend Sheila who have not seen so many years.

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