FOTO PEMAIN Drama Korea Boys Before Flowers (BBF)
Pemain Boys Before Flowers (BBF)


Boys Before Flowers or Boys Over Flowers is the latest Indosiar Korean dramas. Korean Drama Boys Before Flowers is Meteor Garden Korean and adaptation of the manga Hana Yori Dango. Korean Drama Boys Over Flowers will appear on TV Indonesia, although a schedule showing the latest Korean dramas in this Indosiar will begin running June 1, 2009.

Schedule Boys Before Flowers / Boys Over Flowers in Indosiar:
Monday and Tuesday
21:30 wib
Korean heroine drama Boys Before Flowers:
Koo Hye Sun: Geum Jan in
Korean F4 Starring:
Lee Min Ho: Goo Joon Pyo
Kim Hyun Joong: Yoon Ji Hoo
Kim Bum: So Yi Jung
Kim Joon: Song Woo Bin
After Hot Shot, another drama aired in Indosiar Asia and will become my favorite TV programs, in addition to The Master and American Idol.

I wonder which one is good? Taiwan's Meteor Garden, Meteor Garden Japanese, or Korean Meteor Garden? Do not miss the schedule Indosiar latest Korean drama Boys Before Flowers / Boys Over Flowers.



Seeing the success of Asian drama show Meteor Garden, Indosiar then presents many popular dramas not only from Taiwan and Korea but also from the Japanese drama, a popular drama terms. Do you remember the Japanese drama "Beautiful Life" starring Takuya Kimura and Takako Tokiwa in Indosiar in 2004.

With so many Asian drama impressions by Indosiar since 2002 that's what makes viewers Indonesia so eloquently talked about Song Hye Kyo, Bae Young Jun, Kwon Sang Woo, Takuya Kimura, Kyoko Fukada, Barbie Hsu, F4, Rainie Yang, and much more. Moreover the popularity of Asian dramas even encourage other television stations to follow in the footsteps Indosiar in Asian drama show on the screen Indonesia.

Asian drama euphoria in Indonesia is also encouraged his fans want to know more things about the play and also the artist. Not surprisingly, since the exploding popularity of Meteor Garden, appeared many magazines or tabloids of entertainment that focuses on the ins and outs of Asian drama and its star.

In this case, Indosiar should be proud of being able to 'trendsetters' in Asian drama genres not only on the screen Indonesia, but also able to make viewers want to see Asian drama more about the play and its artists in a variety of media including the Internet.

Not only that, Indosiar also facilitating the arrival of Asian drama artists to meet with his fans like F4 and Barbie Hsu, Kwon Sang Woo, Rain and many others that the phenomenon of Asian dramas still survive today. At the end of 2005, Indosiar re brave enough to make a breakthrough for Asian drama show from Korea under the theme of history, not a romance-themed drama as usual. Moreover, if not the series "Jewel in the Palace".

At first berseting historical drama during the early Joseon Dynasty of the 16th century in Korea, starring Lee Young Ae is undoubtedly capable of winning audiences Indonesia because its themes are more "heavy", but was able to explode on the market.

This phenomenon reminds us that fans of Asian drama is not only like to consume the stories of love alone but also can enjoy themed stories, such as the struggle of a woman named Jang Geum (Lee Young Ae) of a palace cook to be a physician (doctor) first in the kingdom the Joseon Dynasty.

The story that carries a moral message, not the nature of despair, the rise of women, simplicity and ethics that was a likable screen Indosiar viewers, not only women, but also almost all the circles do not care about men and women, young and old, poor-rich , handsome-ugly.

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