The puzzle of who the father of the fetus who is now residing in the womb Sheila Marcia was still blurred. Some names also appear. In addition Ezar Elano, now comes the name of Jo alias Naveen Keswani, the man who was also close to Sheila.

However, as confirmed on the news, Naveen swiftly brushed it off. He denied not pleasant news that linked him as the father of the baby Sheila.

Unfortunately, Naveen did not want to say for sure who "The Brass" is meant. "That's our privacy," said Naveen. "Bad people will get the stone," he continued sharply.

Would not accused as a responsible person, Naveen, who claimed to know both friendship and business relationship with Sheila, and even had time to clarify it's tilted directly to Sheila. "I explained, when he heard he was also shocked. He also made it clear that it was not me," said Naveen.

"Mary Joseph also was denied if I was not the father of the child," she continued.

In addition to the news side to clarify that, his arrival, recognized Naveen, also want to provide support to Sheila. "Giving support to friends, sorry for Sheila in there.'s Why I asked just joking," said Naveen.

Delano Ezar visit Sheila Marcia
In the middle of a young pregnant condition, she must face the reality of Marcia to go through pregnancy in prison. He got depressed when I had to go back in the bars Rutan Pondok Bambu. And he had just rumored to be married to a basketball player from Bali named Delano Ezar.

But suddenly, the wedding was canceled Delano unilaterally. Up to now, not known for certain what the reason the decision Delano.

Thursday (10 / 9) yesterday, around 10:00 am, Delano seen coming into Rutan Pondok Bambu, East Jakarta to visit Sheila Marcia. However, this well-built man, did not want a lot of talk and kept reporters away from the chasing game.

Delano just casually said, "She (Sheila) healthy, just pray I hope he is always healthy," he said after leaving the prison where she was arrested at around 11:45 pm.

Delano also had to explain that he could eat alone with Sheila in and admitted his relationship with Sheila was still fine. Then, a friend who was there beside Delano, a spontaneous shout, "they eat spinach," she said.

Delano who was wearing a white shirt and black patterned rush straight up into the car Honda Civic Silver B8300 BR the host.

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