Since the end of last August, Nazriel Irham or familiarly called Ariel, along with friends of his friends have not officially use the name again in the world Peterpan country music. This is a consequence of the agreement between Peterpan and Andhika The Titans which is actually a former retainer of Peterpan. Andhika is the holder full rights in the name of Peterpan.

But until now Peterpan not specify a new name for the band. Whereas Peterpan many loyal fans can not wait to get to know the new name will be strapped to the band from Bandung that.

But there is a finding obtained from the media team, which may be able to answer the audience's curiosity of music tracks Peterpan song in the country. The findings of a new name that reportedly been prepared Ariel Cs far distant day.

Feather Band. That's a name that will replace the allegedly Peterpan name, which has been used by Ariel Cs in the national music industry. The media have leaked the name to cover the event while Ariel Cs breaking fast with their fanatical fans at the Hotel Serela Bandung West Java, on Sunday (13/09).

Through the display on display on the screen in front of the podium ceremony was breaking fast, clearly illustrated following a Feather Band logo. Brief if spelled, the name and Peterpan impressed Feather-like. Meaning of the name in Indonesian Language Feather was the same as the logo for this Peterpan, "bulu unggas".

Is Feather Band names posted on the display as found in Bandung is the new name replacement Peterpan name?

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