FOTO Rianti Cartwright – Cas Alfonso Nainggolan

After several months of not having a boyfriend, Rianti Cartwright finally found the man of her dreams. Rianti already has a new boyfriend. The man named Cas Alfonso Nainggolan.

At the premiere 'Ketika Cinta Bertasbih 2', Rianti came in the company of a man. Rianti seemed intimate with these men. Investigate investigate a man who was familiarly called Cas was the only artist girlfriend bleeding-English Sundanese this.

"He's my new boyfriend. We've invented a few months," said Rianti when found in EX Plaza, MH Thamrin street, Central Jakarta, Tuesday, September 15, 2009.

Rianti admitted early acquaintance with Cas as recognized by his friends. Rianti feel comfortable with Cas. Both then agreed to build relationships. However, they still want to enjoy their time together. The two lovebirds are not going to impose their relationship with marriage problems.

"We're not thinking in that direction. We live only once," he said.

Cas was only two years back to Indonesia. Previously, he was living in New York. Cas admitted no objection to the professional artists who are carried by her lover.

Model and artist Rianti Cartwright was born in Bandung, 22 September 1983. beautiful girl born of the bloody English father and Sundanese-Javanese mother was known to the public as a VJ MTV Indonesia. Where as a VJ, Rianti has its own characteristic style fun, fresh and speak out frankly.

Profession as a VJ since 2005 to the beginning of Rianti entered the world of entertainment. Footsteps in the entertainment world when he was growing steadily helped starred'M IN LOVE, and D'bijis, who starred along with Tora Sudiro and Indra Birowo.

Initially, the girl who hobbies traveling backpacker style is not ambitious to become a movie star, but the student International Education Programs Department of International Business and Marketing University of Tasmania, Jakarta, claimed to really enjoy and love what they work at.

Not just movies, ayu face youngest of two brothers is also found as a model Ungu video clips, Ello, and Letto.

Despite having indo faces and spoke little English, mojang Bandung Indonesia loves food, especially Karedok, her favorite food.

Since childhood, the owner's full name Rhiannon Cartwright Rianti is accustomed to working for pocket money. Starting from the model at the age of 16 years and had become editor of the magazine language Maxx-M in Bandung, and made Rianti accustomed to working hard.

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