Syahrini make public eyes widened to see the photos at once hot with younger managers, Aisyahrani (Rani). Hot pose Syahrini and Rani remind the public with Azhari sisters, namely Ayu, Sarah, and Rahma.

It was common knowledge, Ayu sisters, Sarah, and Rahma Azhari frequent indulgence in beauty body through sexy pose in a number of photographs. Still recorded clearly in the public memory, photos Sarah and Rahma was taking a shower in the shower the appalling mass media in late 2008.

Not after the shower scene photo, Rahma again make a scene with the emergence of hot photos that later revealed as a piece of movie scenes Pocong Next Room. There are also photos Rahma in the jacuzzi was a kiss with a male Caucasian. Photos with Caucasians was actually an old photograph, but recalled after circulating photos Rahma with the Philippine national team coach Simon McMenemy at a place of entertainment tonight.

Her sister, Ayu Azhari also been a sensation with the emergence of hot videos in the shower with bule man.

Yes, Azhari family did not escape the sensation. Despite frequent controversy, Ayu, Sarah, and Rahma as already immune. They are still trying to exist in the universe of entertainment. Additions to form the Trio Angel.

Goes wild furor clan Azhari photo scandal began to fade. Now in mid-2011, the brothers were photographed Syahrini and Rani. Bogor singer who is also a former friend Anang Hermansyah duet that makes tantrum with a circulation of exciting photos with Rani. At first nobody thought it could pose brothers so hot.

The first time the photos were stomping the virtual world on Saturday, May 14, 2011. In some photos Syahrini posing with several artists like Daniel Mananta and Barry Manilow.

With men like Daniel, Syahrini seen embraced just below her left breast. Similar Pose apparent when Syahrini with men like Glenn. They sat in a chair with Syahrini leaned on Glenn. Glenn's right hand crossed over the chest singer from Bogor.

Other photos show women like Rani kissing on a bed with a man. There are also photos with style ala Rani ABG showed her breasts. In another photo, the artist who reportedly often clubbing it was posing with two women about to kiss.

This is not the first time the issue was rocked Syahrini hot photos. Previously, penembang Unusual that I also never make a scene because it posed intimate with a man named Antoine Nuna Caucasians who later recognized as a friend.

Related circulation of photos that are recognized as private collections and dijepret approximately year 2008-2009, the Syahrini through its legal counsel, Warsito, has complained to police. Actors spread which claimed it would have already known Syahrini snared article 45 paragraph 1 of Act No. 11 of 2008 on Information and Electronic Transaction, with a maximum penalty of six years in prison.

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