After Daniel Mananta make a clarification about the alleged breast touching Syahrini, now comes a video titled Wild! Video Daniel Syahrini.

Whether it is a hot video Syahrini with Daniel? Oops, it was not. The video is a parody of Adolf Hitler film. The video contains a clarification Daniel was quite creative and inviting laughter.

Search Legal, Thursday (19/05/2011), video duration 4 minutes 16 seconds was uploaded to the site Youtube by someone with an account MrMananta. In the opener, there is the title of Daniel / Syahrini, Daniel's Apology.

Video starts with a scene containing a conversation that was translated into Indonesian (of course, this is not a translation of the original film's dialogue), on the phenomena duet Anang Hermansyah and Ashanty Determining Heart.

In the video, Hitler said, "It seems this issue have been greatly exaggerated. Syahrini I like it with the all round". Welcomes the recognition that Hitler liked Syahrini, the scene went into the conversation about Daniel Syahrini suspected breast squeezing.

Hitler looked angry. With trembling hands he opened his eyes and asked for his men in the room which is a First Brigadier Norman fan, Shinta-Jojo, and Ridho Rhoma-holic to exit the room. This dialogue is very creative and inviting laughter of people watching.

Video contains a clarification that began to reach a climax when Hitler said photo of Daniel squeezed her breast Syahrini just nonsense and cheap gossip.

"You all feel you are as smart as Roy Suryo time yah?! VJ Daniel just put his hand in front of the chest Syahrini, does not mean he 'meremas'nya!," Spat Hitler.

At the end of the video, appeared Daniel Mananta utter apology about the circulation of her picture with Syahrini. Also also inserted photos of Daniel and Syahrini who already make a scene that. Funny thing is, there is one photo where the face-to-face Syahrini replaced Paris Hilton. There are also photos of Daniel embrace Anand with the position of his hand across his chest Anand (similar to Daniel pose with Syahrini).

The video was uploaded to Youtube on May 18, 2011, and until Thursday afternoon has been viewed 301 times, with 33 people who like and a person who does not like the video


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