The rise of the circulation of photographs of celebrities leveraging more exciting exciting images of women that are similar to teenage artist Pevita Pearce. The images are now back into talks on internet forums.

In one photo, teen girls posing like Pevita it exciting with two friends. The three teens were seen only wearing a beige bra.

Meanwhile, in another photo, teen stars like the movie 'Lost in Love' seemed to hold objects blue. He was seen wearing a bra the same as the previous photo.

The pictures were actually been around since 2009. At that time, Ernie Auliasari, Pevita's mother denied her son was involved in the photographs.

Ernie reveals that there are teenagers in the image is only similar to Pevita. Ernie also claim to have also met with a third teen.

Pevita Pearce was born on October 6, 1992 in Jakarta, Pevia Cleo Eileen Pearce (full name Pevita Pearce) is a subsidiary of Peace and Ernie Auliasari Bramwell. The girl who used to be called in this Pevita Pev or body shape quite proportionally, ie height 165 cm, weight 47 kg, and bra size 34C:) Currently, Virgo girl who love photography, shopping, traveling, reading, and watching this movie first registered as a student SMP Al Azhar Jakarta. Even his favorite book is It's Killing Me and A Child Called It,and the favourite's film is Superman.

Though still young age, until now Pevita already starred in three movies, namely Denias: humming in Upper Cloud (2006), Lost in Love (2008), and Flavor (2009). In this last film, Pev collided acting with veteran movie stars, such as Christian Sugiono, Wulan Guritno, and Alex Komang.

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