Recently circulated photographs Dewi Persik was seen intimate with a woman. Because of that picture had rumored lesbian goddess. However, Dewi denied.

"A kiss with a guy just good, why kiss just a girl," said Dewi Persik when found in Studio Penta, West Jakarta, Thursday, November 5, 2009.

Jamil Saipul ex-wife is claiming not seen the photos that was with an unidentified woman who had been around in cyberspace. Therefore, the Goddess did not want to respond to these photos.

"Where the hell photo. I just see his picture," said Dewi friendly.

The owner of a Great Goddess Murya describes himself was not same-sex lovers. Goddess normal and admitted he still likes men.

This argument was strengthened with the Goddess of Saipul Jamil defense. Men who never marry Dewi Dewi says not as reported. He was not sure Goddess same-sex lovers.

Dewi Persik controversy
Due to frequent show off genitalia, Dewi Persik is definitely more. Last night (Wednesday, 23 / 1) after filling a birthday event that was held in the TPI Istora, ex-wife's breast Saiful Jamil was groped by a fan. Then the enraged goddess.

Previously the fans idle steal Dewi Persik breast images with HP cameras at busy pedangdut this section were interviewed. When the incident, the Goddess was wearing a white tank top with a black strip and did not think would be abused by fans.

When the interview will end, the curious and fans can not stand, and immediately towel just play. Personal effects after being groped by Dewi Persik a fit, and drifted raw punch. After the vent anger goddess ran to the car as she cried.

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