FOTO HOT BIKINI FIVE Vi|Hantu Binal Jembatan Semanggi

FOTO BIKINI FIVE VI |Hantu Binal Jembatan Semanggi

Five Vi Rahmawati is a soap opera actress and advertising model star. Acting Emelisqi bilqis mother of this event can be found in KOMEDI BETAWI series, which aired in TransTV.

Five Vi is the former wife of a man from Malang, Setya Iwan Budiman, who officially divorced in 2006 lalu.Five Vi's husband sued for divorce, after often have a number of acts of violence from her husband.

Upcoming 19 November 2009, a national horror film titled 'Hantu Binal Jembatan Semanggi' will play at all cinemas in Indonesia. This film does not contain any features, even the film can be categorized as "nuts" kind of movies in the era of sex bombs fall of Indonesian films in the 1990s.

Film Ghost Binal Semanggi is a film directed by Mount, K2K Production production, with producer Dheeraj KK. A movie made at a cost of 3 billion rupiah acting showcases Five Vi, Okie Agustina, Idea Pasha, Cynthiara Alona, and Wicky Husein.

There are 2 things that make the movie Ghost Semanggi Binal pulses into a film. First, the theme of the ghost itself is a theme that is very often made by different production houses, with only the core plot revolves around a dying man and then transformed into a ghost, the spirit of human fear haunts, and the exploitation of scary faces the ghosts in it.

Ke-2, just like the movies when Indonesia was still unconscious in the era of the 1990s past, this film relies on the exploitation of sex scenes and sexy body of his players, for example, in this film there is a scene where the Five Vi shows her breasts bare-chested, and the scene " hot "Cynthiara Alona when having sex with the opponent.

Do not expect you will see that the plot really good quality, both in terms of creativity is the basic idea of the story, the quality of dialogue, or acting of the players. The story in this movie, as recognized by KK Dheeraj itself, was deliberately kept simple and commercially oriented, not more.

KK Dheeraj do not mind if the movie Ghost Binal Semanggi area would be considered nuts. He admitted that the orientation in making this film is not for diperlombakan the festival, but simply to make money commercially oriented alias.

For KK Dheeraj, what is important to her ghost Binal Semanggi will sell in the market, because based on his experiences over the years, horror films like this made into a film is always top-selling in the market of Indonesia.

"During this horror movie like this is always a best seller in Indonesia, the profits of between 1 and 2 times the cost of production, so I made a movie like this, because my orientation is only commercial, not for the festival," said KK Watch Online found this afternoon (17/11) after the film's production thanksgiving, in Plaza Semanggi, Jakarta.

KK Dheeraj also denied to say that the sex scene in Ghost Binal Semanggi too vulgar. He thought the scenes were still normal and natural.

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