Photo of Andi Soraya bikini swim with only perform with popcorn named Ferly son is now widely circulated on the internet. Openly Andi Soraya himself admitted that he was basically a guy care glad popcorn.

For those curious about the pictures Andi Soraya wearing a bikini and swim with the popcorn guy, the next blog will provide a hotspot artist photographs, where the following photos are available from one of the underground Internet forums in Indonesia.

Several times been caught out with, Andi Soraya and 'BRONDONG' a known named his new son Ferly still do not want to admit their relationship. To be sure, Brenda seems to have admired the old model much younger than he was. But unfortunately, Ferly not want to come clean.

"Coincidence is near it, and really friends hanging out," said Ferly in FX Plaza, Jakarta, Tuesday (3 / 11) night.

Ferly is not new to the world of entertainment. Previously, it was sexy guy existed in the entertainment world. "I was studying acting and others, are also especially about real life," he said.

And as a senior, Andi certainly not stingy to share knowledge. He was the guy who teaches the spirit of the familiar during the 6 months. "I knew he was in the entertainment world. He was a good and just needs to be sharpened. Yes, a lot of discussion, sharing, learning, best to avoid talking seriously to avoid a fight," explained the mother of two children.
Andi Soraya controversy
August 2008, Brenda returned to prove their work in re-acting with the film playing in wide screen. This time playing in fillm Andi suspense mystery, 'HANTU ABORSI'.

Associated with cases involving violence Andi, finally found clarity. On 09 October 2008 at the South Jakarta District Court, Andi criminal penalties charged for 3 months.

Mid-February 2009, Brenda returned preached at odds with fellow artists. This time, he was at odds with the model and actress Catherine Wilson.

Although rumored to have split up, but the star implant Pocong (2009) was again seen near the former spouse, Steve Immanuel in early June 2009.

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