Police set singer, Nazriel Ilham aka Ariel as a suspect in the alleged violation of the Law on Pornography.

Videotapes containing the hot scenes between a man suspected as Ariel with two women spread a few weeks ago and caused uproar in Indonesia.

Based on the videotape, the police have several times called Ariel and actress Luna Maya and Cut Tari, who allegedly also in the video recordings, to be examined.

"Ariel was accompanied by his lawyer to surrender this morning at 03 o'clock," said Deputy Head of Public Relations Division, Police Headquarters, Brig ZAINURI Lubis.

According ZAINURI, subject to the status of the suspect based Ariel Pornography Act but does not explain what the basic presumption that is used to entrap him.

In the case of an alarming video recording is not yet clear whether the actors in the video it's really a lot of names mentioned, and whether the purpose of making a video is to be disseminated.

Earlier this week police said the video was first uploaded to the Internet from an early social networking site in June.

Police say there is still pursuing a number of alleged perpetrators of the early dissemination of the tape.

Police also said there were some new additional witnesses will be heard the explanations.

"Ariel becomes a suspect, management, friends in the group or team of his band and crew will feel the impact," said analysts music Bens Leo, when contacted reporters, Tuesday, June 22, 2010.

Bens Leo disclose would be difficult for the band from Bandung to exist at the music without the presence of ground water into Ariel's frontman in the band was phenomenal. Bens Leo confessed role of Ariel in the band are very large and influential.

"It is difficult for the band to survive without Ariel because Ariel as the band's lead singer and icon," he said.

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