This is truly scandalous news universe Indonesian artists. By Friday (4 / 6) early morning, on Facebook circulated two gonzo videos performed by a pair of beings that are very similar and Ariel Peterpan Luna Maya.

Video in two editions, each a duration of 1.4 minutes and 6.5 minutes. The video allegedly taken by cell phone with mp4 format data. Second man whose face was clear it looked alternately holding the camera to record the scene. Even a butterfly tattoo on her left buttocks like Luna Maya was very clearly visible.

In the second video looks like human sex couples with a variety of positions. Occasionally there was a conversation that did not clear him. In addition to its recording quality is minimal, also because the sound hit television broadcasting. Video is seen have the edits, because the pieces.

When news of this writing, the two videos was deleted by the manager of Facebook. But porn video files are already scattered in different sites to download service providers are ready to use.

Ariel Peterpan One friend wrote a letter statement on its website. The author uses the name of Pantokrator, and claimed commonly called NCIS in everyday life. He also claimed to have worked as a clerk in his uncle's studio for five years Ariel and Ariel's good to know.

In the letter he mentions that the video was true Ariel and Luna Maya. The family would also have to know the video will be scattered. "The video was leaked, the cause is still under investigation Ariel family party," he wrote in the letter. He affirmed that got this story from people who had the initials A.

He called the video was made on March 23, 2009, located in a hotel in Bali. He also revolves around Ariel and Luna had dropped out two weeks later after the video recording. But then again courtship, and will be married on 20-10-2010 later.

In a letter calling party NCIS Ariel-Luna and their families in the near future will provide explanations related to this video. "We as a friend just asked not to re-distribute the video," he said.

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