Not yet subsided video hot issue like Ariel and Luna Maya, is now re-circulating a video nasty of a man like Ariel with Cut Tari similar women.

In the video size of 50.9 MB that looks like Ariel and Cut Tari middle wrestled on the bed. 'Cut Dance', wearing a turquoise dress with a black tank top, middle depths telunkup on the bed.

Women who face very similar to the Insert presenter is then opened her dress so just stay black tank top. Not long later, men like Ariel came over and they were making out.

If seen invisible tapes that circulated in online forums and Youtube site is much cleaner than a video nasty 'Ariel-Luna'. Allegedly, a scene captured using a more advanced camera than camera phones like the video 'Ariel-Luna'. Had a longer duration, approximately 8:45 minutes.

From the metadata, shown a video taken on November 18, 2006 at 18:18 pm. Circulation of this video back to put the public's eyes widened. When the video nasty 'Ariel-Luna', looks like Luna women have tattoos on upper left thigh in the form of interest (also called a butterfly), on video 'Ariel-Cut Tari' the women wear a ring on the finger of his left hand and also hand Right.

Meanwhile, men like Ariel was evident wearing a black wristwatch on his left hand. Is this true and Cut Ariel Dance, or just similar? So far, both Ariel and Cut Tari not yet be confirmed.

Apparently, the most popular video site owned by Google was recently uploaded to their server.

The spreader video using the pseudonym "sickterorist." He claimed 29-year-old and living in Washington DC, United States. Sickterorist yourself a new register on YouTube on Monday, June 7, 2010.

Video duration of 8 minutes 46 seconds was a new upload at around 9:15 pm today. Nevertheless, within that period, the video had been watched by as many as 351 times.

In addition to YouTube, the offender also was spreading in the video-sharing sites such as MediaFire files. MP4 format files with a size of 50.92 MB is also on display there since June 7, 2010.

Unfortunately, unlike on YouTube, there is no information on the video upload on MediaFire. For information only, on the site to share the Internet user can instantly share any file without needing to register first.

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