Surprising news came from Ashraf Sinclair. The singer's husband Bunga Citra Lestari crashed on Wednesday (26/8/2009). The collision happened at about 03.00 AM. At that Ashraf was reportedly driving a black Lexus Harrier with police number B 3 ME. Known, Ashraf driven car hit a taxi in the area Bundaran Bank Indonesia, Central Jakarta. Now the car was badly damaged condition. The bottom right door shattered. The right rear tire bent and the paint on the roof of blisters due to overturned car. Glass in the right front door was also destroyed. Still according to these sources, the condition Ashraf wounds Ashraf but fortunately not seriously injured. Shortly after the incident, his wife, BCL, came to the scene. BCL came aboard B Mercedes Benz CL 23. We see the condition of her husband, BCL was shocked. "Thank God all three healthy. We could take it to the MMC hospital, the CT scan, check up, too, wrote in good health, "said Dodi BCL manager. Now the soap opera star's Love and Grace is resting at home. The wife, Ashraf BCL two-day break. Although there shooting schedule, still banned Bungaa her husband went to the set. According to witnesses, two vehicles drove at high speed. Ashraf boarded cars from the Kebonsirih to Tanahabang, Jakarta centers. While the taxi from the direction of Jalan Sudirman to the City. Right at the red light intersection of Bank Indonesia two cars collided. Until now the existence of still unknown Ashraf and his driver. Alleged victim was taken to hospital

Mohammed Ashraf Daniel Sinclair is a Malaysian-born actor Croydon, England, 18 September 1979.

Ashraf's name skyrocketed in Malaysia after a role as Eddy in the film GOL & GINCUU (2006), followed by the television series a year later.

Male descendants of British-Malaysia is becoming known in Indonesia since the photographs intimate with the actress / singer Bunga Citra Lestari circulating in cyberspace in the mid-2007.

After several rumored to be married, Ashraf and Bunga finally confirmed that they will marry on November 8, 2008.

Ashraf Bungaa on Saturday woo (08/11/08) at Masjid Al Bina, Senayan, South Jakarta with a pair dowry 1.5-carat diamond earrings.

Wedding reception was held Sunday (09/11/08) at the Golden Ballroom of Hotel Sultan, Jakarta and brought the custom of Padang and Flower Suntiang wearing, crown typical Minang.

Not only in Indonesia, Ashraf also held a wedding reception for two days with the concepts and different places.

The first day a reception was held on Friday (14/11/08) at The Saujana Kuala Lumpur Hotel, Subang. While the second reception was held on Saturday (15/11/08) at the Petaling Jaya Golf Club.

After getting married, Ashraf follow in the footsteps of his wife, Flower for a career in Indonesia. The first opportunity to play in a horror genre film, THE REAL Pocong the release in 2009.

Previously, with Bungaa, he was united in a single frame. Playing in a romantic movie, SAUSs KACANGg in 2008.

Not only acting on the big screen, she also appeared in soap operas, one of which is soap opera SEKAR stripping.

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